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Text 30 Aug

And then beats me and my mom with my brother’s socks.

Text 30 Aug

And he brings my brother his socks and hands them to him nicely.

Text 30 Aug

He literally just came into the room and started angrily throwing my socks at me. Not even joking.

Text 30 Aug

And he picked up the remote… I have failed… 

Text 30 Aug

Trying to trick my dad into watching “A Walk To Remember!” Hehehehehe, I will make him cry!

Text 27 Aug

Property Brothers: Furniture, wood, “Mother knows best.”

Mom: NO!

Disney, stop.

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Mom and I passively watching HGTV

Property Brothers: Talking, talking, house, granite, “Fixer upper.”

*Mom and I look up, at each other, and shake our heads* 

Frozen has ruined us.

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